Buying Seafood

Fresh Fish:When purchasing fresh seafood, look, touch and smell. The eyes of the fish should be bright, bulging and clear. If dull and cloudy, beware. Fish should feel cold. The temperature must be at 32F and the skin should be

How to tell when Fish is Cooked

Cooking fish doesn’t have to be a strange diversion from cooking other types of meat, such as beef or poultry. Many of the safety guidelines are quite similar. The following guidelines will help you know when a fish is properly

Alcohols Effects on the Brain

Ask the guy who is sitting in jail because he got drunk and streaked across the field at the baseball game last night, he will tell you that alcohol affects the brain. While he knows that it does affect the

A Guide to Preparing a Perfect Barbecue

Getting together with friends and family and enjoying a high quality meal on the grill is a great way to spend a nice afternoon. Let’s face it, great company is nice but it’s the food that makes barbecuing so great.

Green Tea has been Shown to be very Good for Brain Function

If you want a change from coffee, it might be a good idea to brew up some green tea.  Green tea has been shown to be very good for your brain.  Green tea contains antioxidants.  These include compounds called polyphenols,

Twists on Preparing Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts resemble mini cabbages. They tend to be a bit bland in taste and as a result, they are not popular with many individuals. And perhaps, it’s because they haven’t taken the time to add extra flavors and spices. Moreover, many

Brains Reverend James Review

When thinking of European beer, certain countries leap readily to mind. Britain, Germany, and Belgium in particular are well regarded as the centers of European beer. Even Scotland and Ireland have their fans when it comes to certain styles and

What is your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream

My favoite flavor should really be renamed my favorite passion. I can;t get enough of Blue Bunny’s Chocolate. This is the kind of ice cream you eat at midnight. Out of the carton. By yourself – with a soup ladle.

How Alcohol Affects the Brain

Most people are aware that excessive alcohol consumption can damage the liver – perhaps permanently. However, it doesn’t end there. Alcohol can have a detrimental effect on other areas of the body as well – particularly the brain. Some of

Foods that help Boost Brain Power

Everyone has days which are demanding and require full concentration. Busy lifestyles and challenging jobs necessitate further commitment and demand a higher level of concentration. How can brain power and concentration levels be increased? Most people are aware of the